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Grades 7–8
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Grades 7–8

Preparing Materials

Throughout the year, you will need classroom economy materials, such as money, banking paperwork, and handouts, for your students. You can download the materials or order printed copies for free. Gathering and preparing materials will take approximately 2 to 3 hours.


In addition to the materials we provide, you may wish to purchase or gather the following items.

No. 10 business envelopes so students can conveniently hold their cash. 2 per student (1 is kept by the student and the other is kept by the student's Banker)
Portfolio folders with clasps where students can store their bank logs and other materials. 1 per student
Cash drawer or box to serve as the Central Classroom Bank. Create one from a shoe box or use an item from an old board game, such as Monopoly. 1 per class
Popsicle sticks or paint stirrers for auction paddles. 1 per student
Sticky notes for convenience during auctions. 1 slip per student per auction
A clipboard where you can hold the offense log to keep track of fines. 1 per class
Items for students to purchase at auctions, such as toys, baked goods, or gift certificates. 3 to 7 per auction

Student folders

Put the following items into each student folder:

Item Quantity
Job application 1
Rental agreement 1
Rent log 1
Electricity log 1
Bank log 1
Bank slips 4
Business license 1
Tax bill 1
Envelope 1

Offense log

We suggest maintaining an offense log to keep track of students who disobey the rules. The Fine Officers can issue tickets based on what you write on the offense log. Using this system, the Fine Officers are involved, but you maintain the ultimate authority.

Central Classroom Bank

Create a cash box with three slots, one for each denomination. This is where the Class Banker will monitor the classroom cash throughout the year. We recommend that each Banker only hold about $2,000 in cash, and store the rest in the cash box.

Visual displays

When presenting and explaining the classroom economy to your students, we recommend using visual displays to aid their understanding. In particular, it is a good idea to display the jobs list, bonus money opportunities, and fines you will use in your classroom.

You may print and display our versions or create your own displays and presentations. Some suggestions include:

Bulletin board
Posters (bonuses, fines)


Print individual copies of display items and place them in each student's folder.

Print classroom economy cash

To start, print about $7,000 in classroom economy cash:

Denomination Quantity
$50 bills 42 (seven sheets)
$100 bills 18 (three sheets)
$500 bills 6 (one sheet)


Print the bills on colored paper.

Other materials

For the activities throughout the year, you will need the following materials:

Item Needed for
Job offer letters Job assignment
Business licenses Throughout the year
Paychecks Payday
Fine tickets Ticket Day
Unpaid bill notice Bill Day
Deed to desk Bill Day
Electricity bill Bill Day
Tax form Tax Day
Auction paddles Auction
Auction record form Auction
Certificates Year-end wrap-up

In addition, keep extra cash, bank logs, and bank slips on hand.

Bank logs
Bank slips

Insurance simulator:

What's the damage?


Insurance costs:

One-time yearly payment of: $1,200
or monthly payments of: $200

Insurance simulator:

What's the damage?


Insurance costs:

One-time yearly payment of: $1,200
or monthly payments of: $200